Natural Mineral Artisan Plasters

Natural Mineral Artisan Plasters

Crown Plaster is a certified installer of EcoStucco®.

What was an ordinary construction material until a hundred years ago is emerging as a natural choice in light of environmental challenges. The need to build million of homes in the future can only be sustained with ecologically sound materials and construction practices. The inherent quality of lime and the way it can be incorporated into a building lead to immediate savings in carbon emissions.

EcoStucco® is a range of natural limestone plasters designed to protect and enhance buildings inside and out. Sustainable alternative to conventional plaster and stucco products, EcoStucco® is made with minimal yet expert preparation. Once applied, the material naturally hardens and strengthens to convert its own chemistry into calcium carbonate (limestone), ensuring long lasting protection to any structure and in all conditions. Naturally white or tinted with mineral colours, all finishes conceived with EcoStucco® require no painting and remain virtually maintenance-free.

To discover more about EcoStucco®, please CLICK HERE to visit their official website.


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