Affreschi & Affreschi

Classical & Modern Frescoes.

Classical & Modern Frescoes

Add beauty, elegance, and luxury to any environment.

Crown Plaster is a certified distributor of Affreschi & Affreschi products.


Affreschi & Affreschi began with a dream to design a slim but flexible wall surface which could realize stunning frescoes for the creation of exclusive interior decorations. This dream became a reality through the enthusiasm, passion, and courage of the right people, and the ability to believe in dreams.

Affreschi’s collections illuminate the great works of artists throughout the world, and many of them are exhibited in the most important museums and art galleries the world over.

Their ultimate goal is for you to use their product to create an environment that will inspire you to dream and envision a life where beauty shines through on a daily basis. Find happiness within yourself, and discover the beauty that surrounds you with Affreschi & Affreschi luxury Italian art.


To discover the elegance and beauty of an Affreschi & Affreschi art piece, please CLICK HERE to visit their official website & browse through their extensive set of collections.


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