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Crown Plaster sees the potential in Alberta to continue delivering artisan quality plaster and stucco work in a sustainable way.

Artisan Plaster

Jan Herwig knows plaster with over two decades of experience in the plaster and stucco business and spanning three continents.

He got his start in the plastering business in Germany in 1993, when he enrolled in a German trade school, eventually getting his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Ornamental-Architectural Plaster and Restoration of Heritage Buildings.

Our Work

There was a vital practical component to the program, and Jan found he enjoyed the variety of the work and challenges that come at him every day. The creative aspect of his job brings him joy as he observes the progress of his projects take shape around him.

Jan gained a great deal of creative experience when he worked on the movie sets of Enemy at the Gates and The Pianist. His work on those sets was mainly in plaster and varied from creating simulated damage to recreating other materials.

He worked with companies around Germany restoring historic buildings. Germany has strict heritage building laws, and it was often difficult to create exact replicas. The interior and exterior plaster and stucco work often had to be recreated from photos, using plaster formulations from that era. Modern materials would damage the integrity of the historical recreations he had set out to complete.

Jan set out to gain experience with modern drywall on the inside of buildings and outside using modern techniques founded in Europe and are now becoming quite common in Alberta.

Jan found additional opportunities to expand his knowledge and experience in international techniques with work in India. He continued in the plaster and stucco business, working with architects, product research, project management, project supervision, and quality control. He gained an increased appreciation for using natural products such as bamboo, contributing to his interest in sustainable, non-polluting building products that continue today.

Moving back to Canada, Jan continued to refine his process and apply his exceptional plaster and stucco work, embracing his life lifelong experience and turning them into beautiful new fixtures of Albertan design.

Discover Plaster Perfection

We are artisans with a humble respect for quality materials and techniques developed over generations of work. New techniques and generationally trained skills combine with new compounds to create the most impressive wall spaces and finishes you have ever seen.

Crown Plaster sees the potential in Alberta to continue delivering artisan quality plaster and stucco work sustainably — using all-natural materials to create professional and beautiful finished products. We also recognize the importance of maintaining heritage buildings throughout the province and strive to attain period-quality craftsmanship with each installation.

Crown Plaster’s essential qualities to every job are professionalism, quality, and creativity. We look forward to developing your spaces.

Crown Plaster is an Edmonton-based artisan plaster and stucco company. We specialize in custom ornamental and architectural plaster, interior & exterior stucco, and plaster restoration. Our work takes us throughout Canada — from Vancouver to Toronto and everywhere in-between.

Our projects include new home builds, renovation projects, and heritage house and building restoration. We also work on commercial building projects such as offices, businesses, and building facades.


We develop professional relationships to provide you with artisan quality finishes.

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